Such cute kids!

Because I’m such an awesome human and dad, I was searching today for videos of my kids crying, hopefully having a tantrum, that I could use as a background during Zoom meetings.

I found these, but I didn’t use them.

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<3 <3 <3

You looked for angry footage to express your feelings during a zoom meeting, without having to make such faces by yourself? 😀 In the beginning of these Corona and Home Office times some of us did similar creative things with the virtual background thingy in Zoom. Unfortunately it dropped with time.

Anyway … it’s an empty July so far. It’s been ten years that you didn’t post in a whole month. So I hope you’re doing well. Maybe it’s just a well deserved extra long summer vacation? 😉

I think I looked for angry footage of my kids to parody the struggle of trying to work at home with small demanding humans. I might have to write a post just about that.

You’re right, it’s been a while since I posted. I have a backlog to catch up on. Nothing terrible has been happening, just somehow remaining quite busy.

Nice to see you on here, Robin! At first I had no idea who this was, and then after some research I figured it out. I hope the summer is going well for you. Now I know your personal website, although I can’t read it. At least not without Google’s help! ?

I guess “Robin” is not that clear/unique to you. In Germany it’s a rather rare male name and in my environment there is only one Robin (the one and only ;)). In your country it’s probably a female or even … a bird. 😀 So I totally get your confusion.

Yes, every now and then I visit your page. Btw I always start right from the home page, since I’m always giggling about the four choices. So hilarious, every single time!

Nice to read that you are doing well. I figured out you actually did post in July, but it was about June. So there was no need to worry. 🙂

Oh, and thx for linking to my website. An update is overdue … firstly it’s german only, even worse: it’s Robin-German, probably blasting Googles Translator. Secondly, you found a bug right on your first visit – due to the quotation in the comment. Who could have thought of that? 😀 At least your comment arrived in my mailbox. Thirdly it’s not yet ready for modern HiDPI screens (I well remember your crazy resolution Yoga notebook in Japan with 3200px per line …) … and the most new images and videos are the ones of may family, that are not accessible without password.

But I’m confident my website will get its first technical update since years during summer vacation. And since the kids now can walk by themselves I can carry my equipment instead. Just like in older times. So there might be pictures added with less point and shoot character like in the past few years. Please note the adorable squirrel with the weird hands was captured 15 years ago …

Well, it’s time to look for some cake and ice cream now. It’s another very hot day / late afternoon here.

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