Weird dreams

A few nights ago…

Chilkat, Chilkoot, KrisDi, and I were driving somewhere together. We stopped at a Wal Mart. We were parked near a corner of the building and not many people were around. A few guys came running out of the building toward the car next to us. Apparently they were thieves or something, except they weren’t exactly making a getaway.

Somehow, we ended up being their hostages or something. They “made” us (though I don’t remember any force or threats) go with them back into the building, where there was a living space (a pretty decently sized apartment) on the ground floor in the back corner of the building, which is where they (we?) were going to hide out for the night. We obliged without any real complaint, ducking down behind furniture whenever there were lights or signs of movement outside. Everyone eventually fell asleep, except for me. I had trouble sleeping.

From the time we had gone into the Wal Mart apartment, I had a mild feeling of dread or anxiety, but it seemed to be more about getting caught than about the bad guys doing anything actually bad.

Night before last…

I was on a boat. I think the family was with me. The area reminded me of the canals and channels or whatever near Punta Gorda — lots of long narrow strips of water. Anyway, our boat was getting into a long line of boats, and there were some orcas a little ways off in the distance. Then some orcas came up close, and then there were some swimming immediately in front of us and immediately behind us.

I had forgotten about the dream by the time I brushed my teeth, but yesterday Chilkat said something that reminded me of it. Apparently he remembers Sea World and wants to go back.

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Pay attention to the Walmart one. Just sayin’. Think symbolically.

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