Weird dream

I don’t have any idea why, but I was crawling around in some sort of attic like space in a large garage, almost a warehouse, that was quite tall — the wooden structure I was crawling around on was probably 15 feet off the ground or something like.

It resembled a large shelf, and was extremely flimsily constructed. The supports were 1x2s or something like that. I had to crawl very carefully and as it was flexing and creaking underneath me I was calmly thinking to myself, “I wonder why I’m not freaking out about this.”

I was making may way back toward the corner where the “entrance” was (maybe a ladder or something like that). This required in a at least one spot precariously swinging myself around a large object affixed to the ceiling from one section of the flooring/shelving to another.

As I got close to the corner, KrisDi showed up, and a scraggly black and white cat. KrisDi explained that the cat had been causing a lot of trouble for the woman who owned and lived in the building we were in, and that she’d been trying to get rid of it for a long time.

I asked if I should kill it, and we thought, “Probably.”

So I grabbed it by the neck. The cat didn’t react or try to get away or anything like that. I thought about it for a moment, then swung it in a half-loop and flung it as hard as I could toward the floor below. As the cat was headed for the floor below and my flimsy platform shook, I thought to myself, “I wonder if I’ll feel bad about this tomorrow.”

I think I woke up before the cat hit the ground.

Posted by snaotheus


Wow. That’s disturbing. I read someplace a long time ago that “house” dreams (involving the dreamer inside a building) are metaphors for the dreamer’s life. I used to have some really neat ones, but don’t anymore. Lately mine have been about being abandoned and left behind.

P.S. Maybe the cat was really a mole.

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