May 2021 Part I

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Chilkat watched a video about cultural diversity for the Girl Scouts, and one of the things they talked about was food. This video inspired her to make arepas (wiki article about arepas). She did most of the work herself (with some help and supervision from KrisDi). We ate them for dinner. It was good!

We spent an entire day (or it felt like it) doing headshots for the kids’ theater production. We did this last time, too, and I think we got asked to do it because (1) we are organized(ish), dependable, and resourceful, and (2) we have a big fancy camera. Over the course of the day a bunch of kids came to our house (masks on when not being photographed), received costumes and/or props, took pictures with and without them, and goofed around. And then I had to process something like 700 photos that day so the director could use them in pamphlets or fliers or whatever. Some highlights from the day:

  • One girl, I think 12, came with about a half dozen fresh stitches on her face in between her eyebrows. She had hit herself in the face with a skateboard or something and then spent most of the night in the emergency room. But she was so nice, positive, helpful, and sweet to everyone, it was just delightful to see.
  • Chilkat was playing Olaf. We were going to take pictures of Anna and Elsa “making” Olaf the snowman, when we remember we still had snow from the winter in our freezer. So we used that as a prop, which was pretty silly.
  • For no particular reason, Chilkoot and I staged a fake murder.
  • Chilkat has grown six inches since the last time most of these people saw her, so there was much marveling. Here’s her head shot.
  • KrisDi thought she would look cute with her own personal flurry (she was right)
  • Chilkoot’s main character was the Duke of Wesselton. Here’s his head shot.

Our friends from Oregon came out to stay with us for the weekend. They needed to get their daughter to a specialist doctor in Seattle on Monday morning, and we’re much cheaper and comfier than a hotel, plus we provide food and beer. I used their visit to surprise KrisDi with her mother’s day flowers. Nick and I ‘needed to get beer’ (and Nick got to be the flower holder). We got the flowers early for Mother’s Day, so it was at least a little less of a surprise.

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I love the murder shot. Next time I expect to see fake blood spraying. 😉

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