July Part III

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Chilkoot’s birthday and party happened. There are a bunch of photos, you can go through them yourself. We had a bunch of Chilkoot’s friends over, and it was a very nice time. My old friend Monocular Ben recently moved back to the Seattle area, and he brought his wife and daughter down as well, which was pretty cool. As usual, it was pretty hectic. The theme was Minecraft. KrisDi made thin crust themed pizzas for the kids, and deep dish for the grownups. It was delicious.

In preparation for a mom’s getaway, KrisDi and I put together a bunch of small samples of whisky for her to take.

KrisDi and Chilkat got their toes done.

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Um… are you sure I actually got those? I don’t remember little brown bottles. Just the flight that you and I drank?

What are you talking about? The to-go whiskey that KrisDi took on her mom’s trip? Why would you have gotten any of those?

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