2021-10: NYC II

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I arrived at the hotel too early to check in, so I gave them my bags and I went out to lunch — a nearby place called Taproom 307. It seemed like a yuppie douche place dressed up as a beer place. I had nachos with an egg on them and a beer and went to Brooklyn to visit some breweries.

First stop was Interboro Brewery. I was not terribly impressed. Nothing bad, but nothing great. I had mostly IPAs there. Servers were kind of standoffish, but not exactly unfriendly. Most disappointing was their strangely unsuccessful attempt at a straightforward west coast IPA.

Second stop was Grimm Brewery. I was terribly impressed. I don’t know the name of the server I talked to, but she was really knowledgeable, fun to talk to, and totally engaged. The first beer I tried there (on her recommendation) was a legit American-made lambic style beer named The Open Work. It is one of the best new beers I have tried this year. I asked her to recommend a NE style IPA that would convince me west coast breweries were not doing it right, and Lambo Door did exactly that. Then I asked her what the brewer was most excited about right now, and I was very impressed by Invisible Touch, a helles lager. Three completely different styles, and all excellently executed. Grimm is my new favorite NE brewery.

Third stop was Kings County Brewing Company (KCBC). It was pretty busy, and it didn’t leave much of an impression on me. Generally good stuff, but not excellent. Subwayed back to the general vicinity of the hotel, stopped at an Irish bar named Molly’s for another beer (a Sixpoint Bengali, which I now know to be boring) and a burger.

I learned that night I had forgotten my contact fluid in the AirBnB, and had to go searching late in the night to several CVSes before I found something. The next morning, I decided to improve my life for the next week by buying flip flops, toilet paper, and water at a Target (as well as some packing/shipping material to send beer back for me and for PoD.

I had breakfast at Sunburst Espresso (a really good French toast). I had a hankering for udon, and Googling brought me to a Japanese restaurant named Ootoya. I had envisioned a simple, cheap bowl of udon. Wrong style of restaurant (I still have not found that kind of udon place in the US) — instead, I got a gorgeous seventy-four course lunch that included udon. Excellent.

Based on a recommendation from a random guy on BeerAdvocate, I went to a place called The Grand Delancey, and I was not let down at all. 49 taps, all excellent and/or interesting stuff. I tried several things there, chatted quite a bit about beer with Sam, the server and possibly owner. I learned he gets little chance to try west coast beer. I told him I’d ship him stuff when I got home, and he threw two Fox Farm beers at me. Both were excellent.

The Grand Delancey doesn’t have a kitchen, but it has a menu: Food from the restaurants that share the shopping center. On my way out, I got a kelp cookie that was surprisingly good.

I stopped at a bit of an Irish dive bar called McSorley’s that only had two beers (light and dark), and each beer you ordered was served as two glasses of beer. Then I got some boozy ice cream near the hotel and went to bed.

Tuesday, I subwayed out to Brooklyn again to go to a place called St. Gambrinus Beer Shoppe, which was an excellent decision. They were celebrating their 8th anniversary on Tueuzeday Gueuzeday and had an incredible selection of American and Belgian lambic/gueuze style beers. It was fantastic. I ordered some Mexican food delivered, and some dude noticed my fountain pen as I was taking notes on the beers I was drinking and talked to me for a while.

Once I killed enough time, I went to Folksbier, because I had heard that their lagers were excellent. But they had no lagers at all. I wasn’t impressed with what they did have. Too bad. Then I subwayed back to Manhattan and went to a well known beer bar, The Blind Tiger, for dinner and (surprise!) beer. It was very good. I got ice cream across the street and walked back to the room.

KrisDi was arriving the next day. I decided to go for a long walk before waiting for her at the hotel room. I started by walking to Johnny’s Luncheonette, a tiny little diner. It was good. Their bathroom was ridiculously small.

Then I walked a lot. Still wearing the shitty flip flops I bought at Target. In the long run, this was a bad idea. I walked along the western shore and saw lots of interesting architecture and a weird man-made island thing, stopped at the Fountain Pen Hospital (which I didn’t even realize had a physical storefront) and bought some Clairefontaine notebooks, walked through the government area and Chinatown and ended up at a store that will surprise you: Good Beer NYC.

David is the owner. I was hungry. He told me there was a great Mexican place down the street that didn’t complain if you brought beer in (at least from his place): I got a little plastic cup of beer from him and walked down the street to Tacos Cuautla Morelos. Then I went back and had a couple beers there and bought a bunch of stuff. I got a Lyft back to the hotel because I was sore in the feet and back regions, and I waited for KrisDi to arrive.

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