August 2021 Part I: Camping at Sole Duc

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This was more than three months ago. I’m a bit behind. I’ll be brief, and I’ll skip linking directly to photos or anything fancy like that.

We had a camping trip out to Sole Duc (pronounced Soul Duck) with Les & D, P Dubs and T Dog, and the E Dubs clan. It’s out in the Olympic National Park, and it’s associated with nearby hot springs. And apparently has zero cell reception, which of course is both good and bad. No email distractions, but also hard to do things like get directions home or answer burning questions about who sang for what band.

Speaking of burning, there was a burn ban, so we had to come up with alternate fire arrangements and cooking arrangements. We borrowed a propane tank and firepit from our friends, and we planned to cook on the little propane grill we got the last time we accidentally went camping during a burn ban. KrisDi’s family got a couple different propane-powered cooking devices.

We stopped at a little brewery / pizzeria called Barhop in Port Angeles on the way out there. It was pretty good. We sat outside (covid), and the kids looked cool in sunglasses.

We got two sites, and the main one was huge. We set up three of the four tents there; the E Dubs clan decided to stay in the other site even though there was room. Don’t know why, but don’t really care, because their noise was farther from us and it’s not like we couldn’t just walk over there and hang out with them.

We were right beside a river. Based on the water level relative to the banks and riverbed, it was far from full. The kids are old enough now that they can do some of their own independent exploration, and they climbed through the trees and wandered through the river quite adventurously. They even found a dead critter (best guess was a juvenile dear) trapped underwater and caught up in fallen trees.

The camp host lived in a converted old bus with an actual house door, which was pretty interesting.

KrisDi got a reservation for everyone to go and hang out at the hot springs resort, which was nice. Swimming in the pool and relaxing in the actual hot springs (which were really more like spas).

Food as usual was good. KrisDi made chilaquiles…including frying tortillas to make chips. You know, like normal campers do. Right?

I remember my back sucked and I was worried about my ability to pack and unpack stuff, and we went for a hike that should have been easy but was challenging for me. There were waterfalls at the end of it.

We stopped at Silver City Brewery with Les & D on the way home.

Chilkat remembers, “The hot springs were nice, a weird log, a dead animal, and a river.” Chilkoot, when asked what he remembered from the trip, just gave a thumbs up. KrisDi remembers playing games around the propane fire, and the kids’ plays. Chilkoot got a knife (from the gift shop at the resort).

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