August 2021 Part II

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D’s cousin and her husband came out to visit from Florida. KrisDi made them a cake, and they all went on a hike at Mt. Rainier without me.

We had a mole come back and wreak total havoc on the yard. I killed it five days later.

KrisDi and I went to Whiskey and Wild Bites at the Woodland Park Zoo. This is an event where they have five or six big name chefs prepare some kind of an appetizer and five or six distilleries with samples at the zoo. The food is basically all you can eat (limited by long lines), and the whiskey is a sample per ticket, but you can buy more tickets. Mostly local places that were so-so, one Australian place that was so-so, and Benriach, which was good. We tried all the food and all the whiskey, and then were going to spend the remaining time wandering the zoo. But we stumbled across another ticket and ran back for more Benriach 12! Then we started back for the zoo and stumbled across another ticket and ran back for more Benriach 12! And that was the end of the night. Les was our driver. If I remember correctly, he went out for a beer and some fish and chips while we were at the event.

The kids’ drama group performed their Mischief and Mayhem production. Specifically, I remember them doing a zombie themed song and dance. I think this is the first time they had choreography. I think it turned out quite well.

Chilkoot had a hike with his scout troop where the trail was littered (decorated?) with gnomes.

KrisDi and I did Bacon, Eggs, and Kegs with our friends, Chilkat’s friend’s parents, Jenn and Clint. It was a beer festival that started in the morning and included a make-your-own bloody mary bar. We drank a lot of beer and did some silly things, and watched some wacky stuff like drunk people trying to remove two golf balls tied together from a tree. KrisDi’s parents watched all three of the kids. D also tried to do some yardwork but fell down the back yard.

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Heavens, I hope D is OK. Falling down the yard is often painful and sometimes worse.

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