August 2021 Part III

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Actually a lot happened in the second half of August.

Mom moved to New Mexico. She had gone through the laborious process of divesting herself of most of her possessions, packing and arranging most of the rest to be transported and stored in NM, and planning her own drive in Trent. She had, I think, two different friends volunteer to drive with her and then have to cancel, so somewhat last minute, she was looking for a road trip buddy. Les actually volunteered to do it because he’s super nice, but I was able to take a day off and go with her. But it was not a casual sight-seeing road trip: I planned to drive to Salt Lake City on day one (~830 miles), and the rest of the way on day two (~600 miles), and then fly home on day three. Mom posted her own version.

I’m me, so I planned breweries to stop at pretty much every meal (except breakfast). This worked well in terms of overall planning: Stop in Boise for lunch and visit Payette brewing (order food from nearby restaurants), stop in Salt Lake City for the night / dinner and visit Templin Family Brewing. We had planned to eat dinner at The Red Iguana, but it was 7 or 8 PM, the line was out the door and down the block, and Mom was overstimulated and melting down. So we got a quick meal at a burger joint and took it back to the AirBnB, Mom and I ate together, and Mom tried to recuperate while I went out to Templin Family Brewing myself.

We stopped at Three Rivers Brewing in Farmington, NM for lunch, where the food was surprisingly good and there were some surprisingly good aspects to their beer (unfortunately, Colorado breweries I wanted to have lunch at were closed when we drove through the area, so I did not get to visit four breweries in four states in two days as I had hoped). We made it to Albuquerque in time to have dinner with Donna, and then as I noticed my eyes rolling backward while the old ladies jabbered about people I never met and gossip from before my birth I begged leave to run away to visit La Cumbre brewing.

As far as the drive itself: I’m sure Mom and I annoyed each other equally. My refusal to stop at random locations; her wheedling that she wanted to stop and pick weeds or stare at rocks; my insistence that meals needed to be accompanied by beer (more accurately: stopping for beer is a good opportunity to get food); her whining about it without a material complaint; Mom’s constant referral to an arcane tome of directions which amounted to a printout of Google Maps; my dismissal of said tome in favor of just using Google Maps (and accompanying lack of real planning and confidence that technology would get us there and solve any problems that cropped up). Things balanced out, we made it, and we both survived.

Mechanically, the drive went really well. We had an issue with the AirBnB in SLC — we arrived and it was obviously not cleaned from the last tenant; they sent us to a new one and were scrambling to get it cleaned as we arrived. Weather on Saturday morning in the dark through the mountains in Utah was exciting. Many parts of the drive were beautiful (at 80 miles an hour). I got an Uber or Lyft or something early the next morning and flew home with a suitcase full of beer from Idaho, Utah, and New Mexico.

One of the reasons for the compressed drive is that we had a family camping trip to Moran State Park on Orcas Island on Monday. We went with Les & D and P Dubs & T-Dog. We had to take a ferry to the island (which was somewhat stressful). Our campsite was right on the water with a little beach included (which was pretty sweet). The kids actually played in the water (and Chilkoot came home wanting to resume swimming lessons!). It was another “burn ban” camping trip so we borrowed the same gas fire pit from the same friends. Again, we ate ridiculous food. Amazingly, we used no bug spray and got no mosquito bites! I was up earlier than everyone else, so I spent a morning trying to snap photos of bats (the reason there were no mosquitoes?) as they flitted over the water in the pre-dawn. That was a challenging photographic endeavor. I found a new way to hurt myself with stilts: I burned my finger. One stilt twisted out from under my foot and I slid down the stilt to the ground, getting a friction burn on the inside of my middle finger. We went up to the Mt. Constitution summit and looked over the water in the direction of Lummi Island.

The last day of the month was the first day of school. Chilkoot has Chilkat’s old teacher. So far, it’s been 100% in-person, with masks and contact tracing and notification.

Other stuff…

  • Had dinner with my Oregon trucker friend at the new Stoup location in Bothell. Also went across the street to visit 192 brewing. There are a couple other breweries in the location, but they were closed at the time.
  • Les’s birthday occurred while I was driving to NM with Mom.
  • The kids’ summer camp gave all the kids t-shirts with their name printed on them; ours were spelled wrong. I marked them up with a sharpie.

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this is so not the trip i remember. i wasn’t annoyed with you or whiny, except in an exasperated way now and then.

But you shouldn’t have had a snit about my picking sage. It’s a long-standing tradition to smudge negativity out of a new place with sage (or sometimes sweetgrass). Did I teach you nothing about Tradition and Family Values?

(Yes, I got it properly smudged.)

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