September 2021 Part I

Chilkat wanted to have photos taken with Danielle. Not sure why? I think they just wanted to have some cute photos together. So, she came over, they played and acted goofy, and KrisDi took some pictures of them.

KrisDi and I took a day off on short notice to hang out at E9 to buy Zwanze Day tickets. They announced on Thursday that they were selling something like 100 tickets the next day. This is KrisDi’s beer event of the year, and it didn’t happen in the US last year. Previous years, I have waited in line to buy tickets as much as seven hours in advance. This time, we went out there a few hours in advance, and no one was there. So we went to Pint Defiance and had a beer (and I bought some of my first fresh hop beers of the year!) and went back, and we were still the first people in line! And E9 decided to be super nice about the line — they let us come inside and sit at a table and order a beer (even though they didn’t technically open for another hour or two). We were also able to buy extra tickets to share with friends.

Woodland Park Zoo had a dino exhibit, with life-sized animatronic dinosaurs. The kids really wanted to see it, so we did. Of course, we also walked around the zoo, and we went to the new Windy City pie location that is walking distance from the zoo for lunch afterwards. We learned that Chilkoot likes deep dish now.

Both kids got haircuts. There are before and after photos in there. Most notably, Chilkoot decided he wanted his hair to be fairly short. Cutting all those curls off nearly broke KrisDi’s heart.

The kitchen remodel was ongoing at this point. I’ll write a post just on that topic some time, but right now I’m obviously still pretty far behind on regular posts.

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Congrats on the Zwanze Day tickets! Woo!

I join KrisDi in the lost-curl heartbreak. I loved Zack’s curly mop! (He looks handsome and older, but I loved the curly mop.)

P.S. Thanks for the bubble pix. I’m in rather desperate need of a bubble maker. They cheer me up astonishingly well and I had to leave all three of mine behind (two were those awful cheapo things from places like the beer festival).

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