September 2021 Part II

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Apparently September was a quiet month, or we didn’t take many photos, or both. This post covers the rest of the month.

One result of playing in the lake while we were out camping is that Chilkoot came home wanting to learn how to swim! So we signed him up for swimming lessons at a local gym. His first lesson, they said he was ready to go to the next level. Their levels are very small increments, and he was way older than the other kids in this first class. But, Chilkoot was excited, and he’s still doing the lessons.

Since Monocular Ben and family (I guess we’ll call them the Monocles?) moved back, we can hang out with them! Pope hosted a pizza night at his house and we all got to chat. It was nice. And all of the children survived.

Kettleworks started a new cycle. The kids got some one-on-one coaching to prep for auditions, and then the Friday before the auditions, I was in a one-on-one with someone, and I heard someone come into the house sobbing. I bailed on the meeting and discovered that Chilkat had been sent home because a “close contact” at school had tested positive for covid-19. This required staying home for three full days and returning to school only after receiving a negative test result. So, Chilkat was terrified of catching covid-19 and terrified of the test, and terrified that she wasn’t going to be able to go to the Kettleworks auditions she’d been working toward because of the exposure.

We got her tested that day (the actual exposure had been several days prior), and she was negative, so she was clear for the audition (thankfully). Sunday, the kids had auditions, and she got tested again per the timing requirement for the school, and she was negative again. So, she went back to school on Tuesday. Just a scare. Sometime after that, I started feeling kind of crappy and got tested, but I was also negative.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m more than a little into beer, and many people know that I’m active on A portion of the website is dedicated to beer trading (no selling allowed) — finding someone who might be in a very different part of the world who has beer that you want, and who wants beer that you have, and arranging a mutually agreeable trade, usually executed by shipping the beer or occasionally meeting face to face. I learned that some subset of this subset of people arrange occasional “Beer It Forward” events, where a group of people join and are assigned a target (kind of like Secret Santa, I think). I decided to participate in one, and it started mid-September, with delivery supposed to occur in mid-October. My target was a guy in Massachusetts who goes by WunderLlama on the website. Later, I found out my sender was MacMalt, a guy in New Jersey. Participating has been a blast…but not a cheap hobby. Between NYC, fresh hop season, Oktoberfest season, and Beer It Forward shenanigans, my beer inventory has skyrocketed.

KrisDi and I have been fans of Less Than Jake since before we met, but neither of us had ever had a chance to see them play live. We found out they were coming to Seattle, and we got tickets to go see them. L & D watched the kids, and we went out for dinner at a gluten free brewery (Ghostfish) near the venue (Showbox SoDo), then walked over to the show, where we met with Miss K and her husband. We drank and enjoyed and it was lots of fun.

The cousins had a birthday which was very noise.

Actual Zwanze Day occurred. We gave tickets to some friends and met with them. We spent most of the day there and drank lots of delicious sour, wild, and spontaneous beer.

I met with my trucker friend from Oregon one evening, and we went to a distillery near where he parks overnight, JP Trodden, and tried their whiskey. It was fun.

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“Just a scare.”

Just a scare.

I’m grateful none of you has gotten It, more than I can ever express. When our (collective global “our”) children have “Just a scare” and are terrified of covid and how having it would affect their lives (I don’t know how much biological understanding any kid has about disease processes–you get something, you feel miserable, you get well), it makes me want to cry, scream, rage, and despair. This thing is causing deep psychological scars and lasting damage that won’t manifest for years, and there’s only so much protection a parent can give. Please give Chilkat a big hug for me and tell her I’m so very thankful she dodged the bullet. And Chilkoot, too, though IIRC he hasn’t had a super-recent scare. And you and KrisDi, too, because you’re my</em? children, and while you're fully adult and able to put things into perspective, I still hate that I can't do anything to protect you.

Love you all.

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