Revisiting July

KrisDi pointed out that I missed something important in this post: Their drama group did a kids’ version of Twelfth Night, performed on Chilkoot’s actual birthday. Chilkat and Chilkoot played the twins Viola and Sebastian (respectively). KrisDi curled Chilkat’s hair and pinned it up to look more like Chilkoot, and it was amazingly successful. It was the first time they did an actual, physical performance on a stage (outside behind a local church).

The kids got to invent a secret twins handshake and perform it on stage in the scene where they were reunited. The group messed up the order of a scene and then had to recover on the fly, which including backing up and redoing a fight scene, which was hilarious.

I think the kids really enjoyed it. I enjoyed watching it. Here’s a video recording of it, in two parts:

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That was one of the high points of my summer, getting to watch them! Thanks for the reminder and tell them again they did a super job!

Richard Northrup

This was an awesome performance! They all did so well with their lines! Impressive!

Just occurred to me–did I not also post about this on Wandering? I should go back and check. I don’t have the vids, though!

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