December 2021 Part II

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Two weeks after the second vaccine shot, the whole family was “fully vaccinated” and we celebrated by eating dinner inside at a restaurant, our local Mexican place.

After our last trip to the Zoo, Chilkoot decided he liked deep dish pizza at Windy City Pie. KrisDi made her own deep dish, and Chilkoot says he likes hers better. Not clear whether he’s just being nice, is just convincing himself because he likes the idea, or if he actually does. But, nice to get a little more variety of food into his belly.

KPA, the kids theater group, had costume fittings for Once Upon This Island, and we were once again employed as photographers. Chilkat in costume, and Chilkoot in costume.

My friend Mr. JJ brought his son-in-law, son, and his girlfriend to my house for our roughly annual bourbon barrel beer tasting. We started with an eight year flight of Goose Island’s Bourbon County Brand Stout, which was just barely far enough back in time for one of the bottles to be made before Goose Island was bought by AB InBev. One of the bottles was bad, which we were able to confirm by opening a second bottle from the same year. We were able to manage one more flight that night. We did a pretty decent job of slightly reducing the amount of beer in my collection, though.

The next day, our Alaskan Math Teacher (AMT) friend brought his two daughters (AMTC and AMTL) over to play with our kids while he and KrisDi bakes. The kids, theoretically, were supposed to make cookies, too, and they did a little bit.

We also had a blind tasting of American Adjunct Lagers (read: “cheap crappy beer”) — PBR, Rainier, Hamm’s, Bud, Miller High Life. I learned my preference for Hamm’s is artificial. I placed it last. Bud won for me. I like having that style of beer around from time to time, so now I’ll have to branch out a bit from Hamm’s.

Also, AMT brought us some of his annual egg nog, with two changes: Rather than using sherry in the George Washington version, I convinced him to use Aberlour A’Bunadh; he also made a batch of Dwight D. Eisenhower’s egg nog. The day’s result was a substantial amount of alcohol consumed and a HUGE PILE of cookies made.

KrisDi’s eye was bothering her for a week or so. She woke up one day with serious irritation and blurry vision in one eye with no detectable cause. She and the kids all had their eye appointments during this time, and the eye doctor basically thought it was dry eye, and told her to start using a couple eye drops, evening and morning. She’s been doing it for a couple weeks now, and it’s doing a lot better now.

The kids made gingerbread houses.

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Wow. Busy month. The kids’ costumes look great. What do you do with that many cookies?

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