December 2021 Part III

As usual, Christmas Eve was at E-Dubs’ house with the rest of my in-laws. Kids were loud chaotic, we ate lots of Polish food and other junk food, may or may not have drank some beer, opened a crap-ton of presents, generally had a merry time. The kids pretended to sleep in the car on the way home.

Christmas day was also normal. We opened all our presents right away in the morning. KrisDi’s parents showed up a little later in the day, we had French onion soup and salad for dinner. It started to snow just a little bit in the evening and the kids made a tiny snowman.

KrisDi (and the kids) did a good job of getting me presents that will be consumed and then gone (beer, whisky, coffee, chocolates…). A beer friend mailed me beer that just happened to arrive on Christmas Eve, so I included that in my presents.

The kids and I gave KrisDi fancy earrings (kids’ birthstones) as her ‘big’ present. Some whiskey, and a fairly random collection of other assorted stuff.

The kids of course got so much loot that it would be impossible to list it all here. Chilkoot remembers getting a Lego typewriter and Lego Hedwig and a scooter. Chilkat remember her Lego Diagon Alley.

Since Ma lives in NM and couldn’t come up for Christmas, we Zoomed a bunch with her, and we planned on her coming out in January for Grandma Christmas. That has now been pushed out to March.

The day after Christmas, we started getting more snow and more cold. Chilkoot and I started working on his Pinewood Derby car, and I built a new desktop PC (I had been starting to seriously shop for a new laptop when I eventually realized I had a laptop, and I should stop using it as a desktop, and just buy a desktop). KrisDi cleaned out the pantry (thank the Lord! I can look in it again).

We went to a Thunderbirds minor league hockey game again, but this time we took the kids and Les & D came with us. We had dinner at the Ram (a local chain brewery) beforehand. After my experience with the blind AAL tasting with HB, I bought myself my “favorite” — Budweiser. T-birds lost, but we had lots of fun. Kids particularly enjoyed the tricycle race, where two audience members had to race on the ice. One was trash talking the other, so I rooted for the less trashy guy. He won.

Chilkoot’s friend’s family came over for dinner the next day, and C (the dad) brought his newfangled “drink smoker” device, which we used on some whisky and on some root beer).

We got a bunch more snow, and we started getting some pretty substantial icicles. I don’t remember which day it was, but the snow was perfect for snowmen, and I couldn’t convince the kids to go outside and play in it.

Our Oregon friends came up to stay for a long New Year’s weekend. KrisDi was making recipes out of the beer + food pairing cookbook she gave me, including this seared yellowtail tuna + wit, and this bleu cheese mac & cheese + barleywine, and Saison Dupont + cheddar and chive biscuits with a tomato jam.

The kids built gingerbread houses from kits.

We basically just hung around the house for New Year’s Eve. We introduced the kids to the card game Mafia that we used to play at Wilmbo’s every NYE. We counted down and drank scotch at midnight, since we forgot to buy champagne. The kids popped stuff. We drank the last of our egg nog, the last of our coquito, and we hot buttered some stuff.

And that was pretty much the end of the year. Not the end of the break, though.

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You should have physically dragged them outside to make snowmen! Or at least gone out yourself and made one! (Says the mom who’ll no longer stick her nose out the door when it’s cold if she doesn’t have to.)

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