What do you expect to see here?


It was sunny, afternoon probably. There was a cooler in the back yard (similar to our large blue cooler) that had goldfish and a bunch of floating stuff (like kids toys or something) in it. I was supposed to be catching the fish and moving them to another container of some sort. I had a little net in my hand to catch them. I was using some sort of surveillance system to look under the water and try to find the fish. Somehow this still involved me putting my face in or very near the water, although breathing wasn’t an issue.

I got one (it was white and black) pretty quickly and transferred it successfully. I went back to the cooler to look for the next one…I looked and looked, and didn’t see another one. When I raised my head again, it was late at night.

I was half-aware that I was dreaming at this point. I decided to try to wake up to see what time it was.

This was a mistake. It was a little after 2 AM, and I had trouble getting back to sleep.

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Las Vegas is a scary place in my dreams

In my dreams last night…

My family and my older brother’s family were in Las Vegas, inside some building somewhere. There had been rumors of an attack of some sort being planned in Las Vegas, and suddenly those rumors became more serious, I guess. We decided we needed to get out of Las Vegas, and I don’t know what our plan for doing so was, but KrisDi took the kids and went one way while I went with my brother and his family another way.

While hurrying toward a parking garage, I saw an “Information” sign with a phone number on it, and thought it would be a good idea to call the number and see what was going on.

Turns out it was some random dude’s phone number. It sounded like Ossie Davis (in particular, as JFK in Bubba Ho Tep). Ossie was confused about why I was calling, I was trying to politely explain the situation and how I got his phone number while also following my brother. In the meantime, I looked back momentarily and saw the top of a building exploding. Around this time, Ossie, still confused, distrustfully asks if I’m selling stocks or bonds or something.

Still trying to politely get off the phone with Ossie, we start semi-running down stairs into an underground parking garage. As we’re running down the stairs, things get more crowded with other panicky people fleeing, I reach an amicable resolution with Ossie, and I lose track of my brother’s family.

I decide to just keep going down for a while, in the hopes that I’ll find my brother. Eventually, I decide to just start looking through one of the parking levels. As I’m leaving the stairs, I run into Wilmy. I’m delighted, I slap his back heartily, and he appears to recognize me but not particularly care that I’m there. I have the impression he’s pretty focused on getting the hell out of the Las Vegas war zone.

That’s about the time that I woke up.

Things I think likely influenced this dream:

  • I watched The Big Short recently
  • I was cleaning up some stuff in my blog, which triggered a lot of re-reading of old posts, like this one
  • I’m going to Japan tomorrow, and visiting my brother and his family in Guam on my way home next weekend
  • The recent Las Vegas shooting

I haven’t had a dream this clear in a long time. It was nice to see Wilmy, though!

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One Strange Dream

This was a few nights ago, so I don’t remember everything all that clearly. To give background, there is this guy I work with, Eric, who lives in a somewhat rural area, collects junk and fixes it or repurposes it into weird stuff.

In my dream, we were visiting Eric, but his home was near San Francisco, on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge. He had lots (as in parking lot, or vacant lot) spread around with constructions in various states of incompleteness. As we were hanging out there listening to Eric ramble on about the various projects, for whatever reason, we decided we needed to walk to San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge, but not on the street level — in my dream, the bridge was covered, with a stair-step style cover that went across the top cables of the bridge. For some reason we felt we needed to go up and down those stairs to cross the bridge. I think in my dream, pedestrians were not allowed at street level (no idea if they are allowed or not).

We got to the bridge, and then we basically had to dive for cover. An old couple, like in their mid-seventies, were sledding down the stairs. Jostling down the steps at what seemed like 50 miles an hour — completely straight-faced. No smiles or laughter or fear or trepidation.

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Telepathic Snakes

Last night I dreamt there was a guy who bred telepathic snakes. He had a bunch at a research center in the city near the river.

One night while he was at home, there was an earthquake that destroyed his research center. He headed into town, and ran into one of his snakes. Telepathically, he asked it how things were going.

The snake was pretty calm for having survived the leveling of his home in an earthquake. “We’re going to head out into the country to [some particular location] and gather together the ones that we know of. Then we’ll start organizing search parties to try and find the rest of the telepathic snakes. We have to stay away from the river, of course.”

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Orca + Elk = ?

So, instead of working on getting pictures ready for the post that I’ve basically written, I started writing a program to help me rename and sort photos more easily. No photos for you. Instead, a really weird dream.


Some guy went to a redneck/hillbilly family’s place to “gain their approval”, for some unknown reason. They were having dinner, and everybody got a raw egg cracked onto their plates (which were like really large platters or trays). Everybody started whacking at eggs them with wooden-spoon-like utensils in order to break the yolks, but apparently they were very tough, because for the most part the eggs just flew around from platter to platter, so in the end no one had the same egg they started with.

During dinner, the family (one mean looking uncle in particular) was pressuring the guy to drink beer, and the guy succumbed and had a few. After dinner, the mean uncle triumphantly announced that he had slipped some sort of substance into the beer that caused the imbiber to go completely numb, and feel no pain.

To demonstrate, the mean uncle slapped the guy really hard in the face, making him fly backward and land in a campfire, where his clothes lit on fire. Sure enough, this did not cause the guy any pain. Somehow, the flames were put out.

Then things start to get really weird.

The reason the mean uncle had drugged the dinner guest was because he would need immunity from pain to fight…something. Whatever this thing was, it looked like a killer whale, but it could get around on land and it had big antlers like an elk’s, but even bigger. And so one of these strange creatures showed up, and the dinner guest guy fought it by sort of trying not to get killed by it (because it was pretty darn ferocious). Then a giant moose showed up. Somehow the guy tricked the killer whale creature into fighting with the giant moose instead. I think the moose won, and then went away.

I don’t know how the hillbilly family felt about it, but apparently the other killer whale things were very angry. They swarmed in to destroy the dinner guest guy. And then I woke up.


I’d be interested in any artistic folks’ renditions of the orca-elk thing.

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