October 2021 Part II

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While I was in NYC, KrisDi and Chilkoot dressed up as Harry Potter and Bellatrix Lestrange for his scouts’ Camp Halloween, which included archery, sling shots, BB guns, haunted house, some kind of a banana thing over a fire, scavenger hunt, arts and crafts…had a good time, though it was reported by KrisDi to be a bit cool.

KrisDi cleaned the house very thoroughly while I was in NYC. Les & D came to take care of the kids when she flew out to meet me. This is, as usual, very generous of them, as we would not be able to have vacations like that without their help.

Kids finally opened a present from last year: A red and a blue robot that follow a black stripe, and a set of tiles with black stripes on them that can be arranged to make tracks for them. Red one was named Rob, and blue one was named Bob. Bob was defective out of the box. His gearing didn’t allow one of the wheels to move. I disassembled and found a cracked gear that I could not repair.

So, of course, the kids decided they needed to have a funeral for Bob. They put little ties on Rob and a bunch of stuffed animals and got a “coffin” and had a little service where we put paper flowers on the casket.

We had one of our traditional PNW fall wind storms which of course made us worry that the Admiral was going to fall on us and destroy our house. That didn’t happen, but we had a bunch of branches land in our yard or on our roof.

We went to Bob’s Pumpkin Farm again this year. Prices keep going up, and more things are “additional fee.” It was cold and rainy this year and we didn’t really stick around very long. We took the hay ride to the second section which is mostly just pumpkin patch to pick our pumpkins. Kids ate donuts and drank hot chocolate. We went through a corn maze. Chilkat picked a GIGANTIC pumpkin. My back was acting up and I couldn’t lift stuff. Chilkoot decided we needed to get a tiny pumpkin for Apple Bear to carve. We went to Trail’s End for beer and lunch afterward, and stopped at Salt & Straw for ridiculously large ice creams on the way home.

When we got home, it was time to work on Jack O’Lanterns. The kids decided to actually carve for the first time — all previous years, they only painted their pumpkins. They were dutifully grossed out by the guts-removal step of the process, and despite some frustration and drama, the kids did a really good job. Chilkat carved Jack Skellington, Chilkoot carved a penguin, Apple Bear’s pumpkin got carved as Apple Bear’s face (I didn’t realize he was so self-absorbed), KrisDi used some new painting technique, and I tried to do a pumpkin with beer bottles for eyes that was drinking a beer (which turned out OK, but not nearly my best).

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October 2021 Part I

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We actually went to Salmon Days this year. We watched the dogs jumping in the water competition for a little while again. Chilkoot ate a corndog, Chilkat ate fish and chips, we ate some kind of empanada-style thing from a country that used a different word (come on, it was two months ago now). I picked up some very local coffee (at least, roasted locally), and I remember the lady was totally trying to sell me the wrong way. She kept talking about how they’re farmer and environment friendly / responsible and whatever, and I was just like, “But what’s it taste like?” I’ve finished one of two bags since then and it was OK, but a little too dark for my taste. Chilkoot brought home some local art print (a London double-decker bus filled with animals) and Chilkat got a stuffy. You know, because she’s running out. For me, the most amusing part of the day was that Chilkoot wanted to dress as my twin and we walked from the car to the festival in lockstep. After the festival, we went for lunch and a beer at Formula Brewing.

KrisDi’s coworker/friend had a first birthday party for her son. We got to go and hang out with them and a bunch of relatives. Which was interesting, because she’s Polish, and he’s Peruvian, which made for a pretty disparate collection of food, language, and culture.

We got the kids to play Scrabble with us. Me and Chilkoot versus KrisDi and Chilkat. It was kind of fun and kind of frustrating. I’m OK with the kids not having the vocabulary or the ridiculous amount of experience with word games or Scrabble strategy, what’s frustrating is when they don’t listen when I try to tell them something.

School photos happened, and our kids are adorable. No retakes this year!

At this point, kitchen was approaching completion. KrisDi got a blue bench-chest to go along with her blue-themed kitchen stuff.

Chilkat tried to sneak into my suitcase and join my in NYC.

KrisDi got her covid booster shot.

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Revisiting July

KrisDi pointed out that I missed something important in this post: Their drama group did a kids’ version of Twelfth Night, performed on Chilkoot’s actual birthday. Chilkat and Chilkoot played the twins Viola and Sebastian (respectively). KrisDi curled Chilkat’s hair and pinned it up to look more like Chilkoot, and it was amazingly successful. It was the first time they did an actual, physical performance on a stage (outside behind a local church).

The kids got to invent a secret twins handshake and perform it on stage in the scene where they were reunited. The group messed up the order of a scene and then had to recover on the fly, which including backing up and redoing a fight scene, which was hilarious.

I think the kids really enjoyed it. I enjoyed watching it. Here’s a video recording of it, in two parts:

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September 2021 Part II

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Apparently September was a quiet month, or we didn’t take many photos, or both. This post covers the rest of the month.

One result of playing in the lake while we were out camping is that Chilkoot came home wanting to learn how to swim! So we signed him up for swimming lessons at a local gym. His first lesson, they said he was ready to go to the next level. Their levels are very small increments, and he was way older than the other kids in this first class. But, Chilkoot was excited, and he’s still doing the lessons.

Since Monocular Ben and family (I guess we’ll call them the Monocles?) moved back, we can hang out with them! Pope hosted a pizza night at his house and we all got to chat. It was nice. And all of the children survived.

Kettleworks started a new cycle. The kids got some one-on-one coaching to prep for auditions, and then the Friday before the auditions, I was in a one-on-one with someone, and I heard someone come into the house sobbing. I bailed on the meeting and discovered that Chilkat had been sent home because a “close contact” at school had tested positive for covid-19. This required staying home for three full days and returning to school only after receiving a negative test result. So, Chilkat was terrified of catching covid-19 and terrified of the test, and terrified that she wasn’t going to be able to go to the Kettleworks auditions she’d been working toward because of the exposure.

We got her tested that day (the actual exposure had been several days prior), and she was negative, so she was clear for the audition (thankfully). Sunday, the kids had auditions, and she got tested again per the timing requirement for the school, and she was negative again. So, she went back to school on Tuesday. Just a scare. Sometime after that, I started feeling kind of crappy and got tested, but I was also negative.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m more than a little into beer, and many people know that I’m active on BeerAdvocate.com. A portion of the website is dedicated to beer trading (no selling allowed) — finding someone who might be in a very different part of the world who has beer that you want, and who wants beer that you have, and arranging a mutually agreeable trade, usually executed by shipping the beer or occasionally meeting face to face. I learned that some subset of this subset of people arrange occasional “Beer It Forward” events, where a group of people join and are assigned a target (kind of like Secret Santa, I think). I decided to participate in one, and it started mid-September, with delivery supposed to occur in mid-October. My target was a guy in Massachusetts who goes by WunderLlama on the website. Later, I found out my sender was MacMalt, a guy in New Jersey. Participating has been a blast…but not a cheap hobby. Between NYC, fresh hop season, Oktoberfest season, and Beer It Forward shenanigans, my beer inventory has skyrocketed.

KrisDi and I have been fans of Less Than Jake since before we met, but neither of us had ever had a chance to see them play live. We found out they were coming to Seattle, and we got tickets to go see them. L & D watched the kids, and we went out for dinner at a gluten free brewery (Ghostfish) near the venue (Showbox SoDo), then walked over to the show, where we met with Miss K and her husband. We drank and enjoyed and it was lots of fun.

The cousins had a birthday which was very noise.

Actual Zwanze Day occurred. We gave tickets to some friends and met with them. We spent most of the day there and drank lots of delicious sour, wild, and spontaneous beer.

I met with my trucker friend from Oregon one evening, and we went to a distillery near where he parks overnight, JP Trodden, and tried their whiskey. It was fun.

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September 2021 Part I

Chilkat wanted to have photos taken with Danielle. Not sure why? I think they just wanted to have some cute photos together. So, she came over, they played and acted goofy, and KrisDi took some pictures of them.

KrisDi and I took a day off on short notice to hang out at E9 to buy Zwanze Day tickets. They announced on Thursday that they were selling something like 100 tickets the next day. This is KrisDi’s beer event of the year, and it didn’t happen in the US last year. Previous years, I have waited in line to buy tickets as much as seven hours in advance. This time, we went out there a few hours in advance, and no one was there. So we went to Pint Defiance and had a beer (and I bought some of my first fresh hop beers of the year!) and went back, and we were still the first people in line! And E9 decided to be super nice about the line — they let us come inside and sit at a table and order a beer (even though they didn’t technically open for another hour or two). We were also able to buy extra tickets to share with friends.

Woodland Park Zoo had a dino exhibit, with life-sized animatronic dinosaurs. The kids really wanted to see it, so we did. Of course, we also walked around the zoo, and we went to the new Windy City pie location that is walking distance from the zoo for lunch afterwards. We learned that Chilkoot likes deep dish now.

Both kids got haircuts. There are before and after photos in there. Most notably, Chilkoot decided he wanted his hair to be fairly short. Cutting all those curls off nearly broke KrisDi’s heart.

The kitchen remodel was ongoing at this point. I’ll write a post just on that topic some time, but right now I’m obviously still pretty far behind on regular posts.

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