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I’ll try not to babble too much, although you don’t get to completely avoid my babbling. It’s my website, so screw you. I’ll go from most recent to least recent.

House pictures, from December 1st 2007 to January 18th 2008. We’re supposed to close in two Thursdays. I’m so damn excited. They start getting more interesting around here, one of the nights we broke in after hours. On the 15th we broke in again, and found lots and lots of blue tape all over the place, marking things that need to be touched up or repaired. But we kept finding stuff that needed to be touched up or repaired, but wasn’t marked. So, we tore up some of the pieces of tape into smaller pieces and put them where we thought they needed to work, too.

On January 4th, we saw my step sister’s band, Sick of Sarah, play at the Aquarium in Fargo. My step sister, Brooke, is the drummer. That was an interesting night. I have never in my life seen so many lesbians in one place.

On New Year’s Day, Dad made us dinner. Steak.

It snowed in Chicago on December 28th.

December 22nd, we took more pictures of E-Dubs’ and Pixel Chick’s little dog.

The day we arrived in Chicago, we went to Hopleaf. We only took two pictures: One where KrisDi’s eyes were closed and everyone else was fine, and one where KrisDi’s eyes were open and no one else looked fine. I photoshopped the eyes from one into the other, so if she looks lopsided, it’s due to my lackluster Photoshop skills.

Old pictures my parents took in 1991. I don’t think I’ll be cute in any of the pictures to follow this set. Out of these, I remember two in particular:

  • This one, of Northwood with a snake. I can’t remember for sure, but I think that’s actually a rattlesnake. As I recall, we were camping in Mobridge, SD, in a pretty regularly-visited campground, and this big old rattler came slithering through. Northwood saw it and went running to Dad, who didn’t believe him until he saw the snake. Then Dad grabbed a shovel and killed it. Didn’t Northwood attempt to tan it or something? I remember him skinning it, pinning the skin out, and putting salt or something all over it. Leedle Brudda, can you verify? If that wasn’t the snake I’m talking about, then it must have been a bull snake or something, I suppose.
  • And this one, in which evil Eldest is seen delighting in torturing me. You see the horrible glee on Eldest’s face — he got me all excited by marking this gigantic box for me from Santa, and loaded it with bricks or something in the bottom to make it seem heavy, and then stuffed it with newspaper and…drum roll…a can of peas. I hate peas. What a terrible person.

Old pictures my parents took in 1990. I remember this BB gun: Eldest sawed off the stock and most of the barrel, then covered it in electrical tape. Afterward, it was suspiciously easy to conceal in a sleeve, and difficult to see in the dark.

I hope that eventually I’ll get some pictures that are actually of the New Year’s Shindig that I can put up here. That would be neat… 🙂

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My goodness, your memory is faulty. That was a bull snake, not a rattler, and I don’t believe it was dead (they’re not poisonous). No way would I have allowed your dad to kill a bull snake (and I don’t think he would have anyway; he knew they were OK).

Also, if my memory serves (and we all know that sometimes it doesn’t), it was your dad and I who packed the peas in the box. That makes us truly horrible parents, cruel and abusive beyond belief. Poor child, no wonder you’re twisted.

I remember the bull snake very well since I was the one that caught it. I remember putting my foot on it to catch it. It was also at lake Tschida, the rattle snake was at Lake Oahe in Mobridge. And dad did kill it with a shovel and I did tan it. I still have the skin and the rattler somewhere.

All right, so it sounds like I have pretty much the right snake story associated with the wrong snake picture.

Don’t worry, Mom, I remember perfectly well that bull snakes are non-poisonous. It’s a case of mistaken identity. I thought the snake in that picture was a different snake with which our family associated in the past.

Oh, and if that was really you and Dad, do I really need proof that my parents never loved me?

Yeah, right, we never ever loved you.

I think the dates on those pictures are mixed up. Some at least are before 1990 by at least a couple of years.

And your big brother was really an awful child. It’s a miracle he survived. Also that I did. I hope he didn’t kill anyone with his sawed-off BB gun.

I have disk ready, it’s just a matter of getting to the post office, without the baby, which means either a Saturday when Legge is home in the morning (HA) or when Kathleen isn’t busy and is willing to take her. She gets into too much trouble at the post office now that she’s self-moving.

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