Friends (12 September 2017)

I should probably point out, these are people I like. I didn’t ask their permission to put them on here. They might not like me that much. But I’m okay with that, because they’re still amusing.


snaotheus – That’s me. I live in Washington. I work for a relatively small R&D group, working on specialized software for a specialized system in an industry most people don’t know about or never think about.

KrisDi – My wife.

Chilkat – My daughter.

Chilkoot – My son.

P-Dubs, KrisDi’s younger brother, my secret BFF. His girlfriend is T Dog.

E-Dubs, KrisDi’s older brother, my BFF. Pixel Chick, E-Dubs’ wife. Their kids, A and E.

Monocular Ben, who has a blog of his very own. I don’t think he updates it any more, though. He also has a whole bunch of pictures. He’s a fun character. He also has a character generation thing, which I don’t really know anything about. He’s married and has a daughter now.

Oleo – A terrific young man who once lived and worked with me. Married with two kids now.

MeiMei – Mouthy little Chinese girl who once lived with me but didn’t (and doesn’t) work with me. She cooks lots of things, but rice is always the side. Married with a kid now.

GirlAndi – She goes by many names. I’ve known her since high school, but she scared me until college. She still scares me some now, but I’m more comfortable with it. She has a blog. However, she doesn’t appear to use it anymore, so you’d have better luck finding her Facebook.

Wilmbo – I’ve known him since grade school some time (I still honestly don’t know when or how I met him). He has the coolest dreams ever. You can read about them on his blog (which he doesn’t write in anymore), if you have access. He also runs the Brotherhood of the Swine page. Which he doesn’t update anymore. But at least he has a house, and he’ll let me party there.

Awz – I’ve known him since pre-school. Seriously, I have. And he still puts up with me when he has the chance. Foolish man.

Tom – I’ll leave it at that. Tom. Also, I think he has ninety-three kids or something.

Morphic Phoenix – Also known as Tuba Dreamer, Djiboutian Phoenix, but generally just called Phoenix because it’s easier. He’s my old roommate from when I was in college. He has a blog too. But he doesn’t write in it.

KittiLix – Phoenix’s wife. I probably shouldn’t call her a hussy on the internet for the world to see. Here’s her blog. She also doesn’t write in it very often.

Pope of Djibouti – He probably has multiple other names, but this is the one I use. Pope for shortness. And, of course, his blog. Which he writes in on rare occasions. I see him every once in a while now. I refer to his wife as Mrs. Pope, and his kids as Popita and Sharky most of the time. They live near us and they have kids near our kids’ ages, so they show up on here.

Mom – who has a website as well as a blog. She’s one wacky old lady.

SkaYoYo and Heeder (or Tufty), a married couple in Oklahoma to whom I owe six months of my survival. They were the ones who basically supported me while I was working on Stupid. They have a daughter and a son.

My little brother Northwood. He’s very smart. He lives with his wife in California.

My friend from my college who will apparently (on extremely rare occasions) comment on here under the name “Darkside”.

His iconic majesty, the first of his name, heir to the title of Duke of the Brotherhood of the Swine, Buckminster. We’ll call him Bucky for short. A hilarious friend from high school. When speaking, he sounds like he was the inspiration of the ridiculous accent in the movie Fargo.

The False Alarms: G (Father), A (Mother), M (older daughter) and B (younger daughter). Friends we met in pregnancy class for Chilkat, who also happened to have strong ties to Chicago. M is only weeks older than Chilkat. B is only weeks younger than Chilkoot. This is why they’re called the False Alarms.