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It’s Saturday, I usually wake up earlier than the rest of the family; have coffee, surf the net.

This morning in my routine perusal of my ~15 “glance at this every day” websites, I found Amazon offering a deal on a book called Bimbos of the Death Sun by Sharyn McCrumb. I thought to myself, “That title and author sound familiar — I have I read something else by her?”

After reading the summary in the Wikipedia article, I realize I have in fact read that exact book. I have no idea when, except that it was long ago. I have no idea why, either.

I was tickled enough by it to actually get on here to post about it, when my WordPress admin panel notified me I had gotten a comment from someone who *gasp* wasn’t Mom or other family, which immediately evinced “This must be spam of some sort” reactions.

After suspiciously digging around a little bit, turns out it’s my German friend Robin, a programmer I met through work who is (aside from a very tall and cool human being) a great photographer who has built his own website with a gallery of his photos. It’s easier for us ignorant, unilingual Americans (or those of us who can’t read German anyway) if you use Google’s translation capabilities (most easily through the Chrome browser).

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You read “Bimbos of the Death Sun” because I let you read my copy. You also read my copy of “Zombies of the Gene Pool,” and we laughed a lot about them both. They were fun. If I still have my copies, they’re in boxes in the garage.

Robin is indeed very tall! And he does lovely photograph work. Tell him “well done” for me!

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